terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

And you? Are you able to grab the Spotlight?

I know I am. And I also know that this isn't Portuguese. Well, sometimes English provides me with more options to express myself, when compared to my "first and second" native languages. However you're not obliged to read what I wrote. Pardon me, I'm not being rude, in fact, I don't want to waste your precious time (as long as you don't spend it on Facebook). That said, is up to you.

Her ex-husband passed away and she was terrified with the idea of attending his funeral. Why you may ask… well, she just never tried to say it. She just could't.
And then, out of nowhere she stood up, head up high, and began to talk about her feelings and her thoughts and her life experiences… and began to fight for her life in order to change it. To make it better. To enjoy it as if life itself was ephemeral (is it not?). She did that when the opportunity emerged in the middle of her fear, a spotlight that she could't decline. I would do the same. I do that everyday, the best way I know. I pursue all the happiness that life has to give... but sometimes I'm the only one who thinks I'm right. There's no problem in that! In fact, knowing that no one else agrees with me only strengthens my will to prove they're wrong. 
Sometimes, when I talk about my dreams, people tell me I'm far too high in the sky. And so what? Is it wrong to dream high? Is it wrong to fight for what we want in life? Is it wrong to be happy?

I know is just a movie… but always remember: It takes time to extract joy from life…

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  1. Desculpem ter optado pelo inglês. Não é, de todo, uma depreciação da nossa grande língua. A Portuguesa, não aquela versão brasileira do novo acordo ortográfico. Espero que gostem…